What is Hypnosis?

Modern Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, it is not sleep, but an awake state.  It is exercise for your mind, using your imagination and builds a strong rapport with your unconscious mind.  Hypnosis has been clinically proven to provide medical and therapeutic benefits.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that everyone experiences every single day when the critical faculty is bypassed.  This is a naturally occurring trance state.  Hypnotherapy is a cooperative interaction in which the client responds to the suggestions of the hypnotherapist but is still fully aware of the session and in control.  

Stage hypnosis shows have led people to believe that they will feel a loss of self-control, is gullible and weak-minded.  This is completely false.  During hypnosis, the client is in control and won’t do anything that they do not want to do.  You are not being controlled by anybody else.  In hypnosis, we accept the selective thinking, thoughts, concepts and ideas that are only consistent with our values.

The unconscious mind has the prime directive to run our entire body; to allow us to breathe; keeps us alive; to store and organise our memories; repress memories with unresolved negative emotion; release emotions; control our perception; and preserve the health of our body.  The unconscious mind is a highly moral being, listens to our conscious mind and needs clear orders to follow.

How it Works?

In Hypnotherapy, we talk to the unconscious mind to achieve the client’s desired results successfully.  It is the unconscious mind that chooses the path of least resistance, relies on repetition, does not process negatives and takes everything personally.

Hypnotherapy uses a deep relaxation technique to help people become more aware of their inner thoughts.  It induces a psychological state of awareness, by minimising distraction and allows our focus and concentration to heighten. 

Hypnosis can help overcome mental challenges that have previously stopped individuals from dealing with their anxieties, fears, low self-esteem, pain, insomnia or other unwanted habits.

As the Hypnotherapist, I am merely guiding you and facilitating what you expect from the hypnosis session, but on a level that will ultimately be successful.  The client must want to commit in some way to making the improvements within their life.

Hypnotherapy Services

The Hypnotherapy services that I offer you include:

  • Rapid Relaxation – a hypnotherapy technique to achieve deep relaxation in a medium trance, to feel refreshed & re-energised.
  • High Road to Success – a hypnotherapy technique to motivate a person to achieve total success in Business or their personal life.
  • Performance Enhancement – a technique to achieve greater performance in any aspect of life where the client needs greater enhancement including sports & business.
  • Weight Loss – a complex technique to persuade & successfully encourage the unconscious mind to commit to weight loss by making healthier choices for the client for life.
  • Quit Smoking – A complex technique to persuade & successfully encourage the unconscious mind to commit to a healthy choice of being a non-smoker for life.
  • Breaking Bad Habits (Nail-Biting) – a hypnotherapy technique to adopt good habits & grow healthy nails.
  • Breaking Bad Habits (Overeating) – a hypnotherapy technique to adopt good habits & eating to satisfy hunger & nutrition.
  • Breaking Bad Habits (Other) – a hypnotherapy technique to adopt good habits & a positive lifestyle for the client, by breaking any other limiting habits.
  • Pain Control – a hypnotherapy technique to stimulate the unconscious mind to feel that the pain has been numbed.  (Client must have a Medical Referral to ensure the pain is not justifiable or a more serious illness.)

The Hypnotherapy session is personally designed for each of my client’s with successful suggestions incorporated to make life-changing results.  I believe a Hypnotherapy session with me, will put you back in control to achieve what you want to achieve every single day.  Don’t delay… your genuine happiness is worth it.

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