About Me

My name is Karen Weller and I love to inspire people. I am a Business Administration Executive, Writer and Author.  I am organised, conscientious, logical, compassionate and understanding. My gift for content writing and business administration means that I can help people by allowing them to find more time to do what they love to do.  I strive for inner harmony and am grateful in life.

Reliability, honesty, responsibility and self-motivation drives me.  What this means for you, is that I can provide an open and trustworthy environment for us to communicate and collaborate our ideas to give you clearer direction and more focus.

My background is in Agribusiness Management, financial and office management.  For the last 30 years I have managed and operated multiple family businesses simultaneously.  My business experience and skills are in Business Administration and Accounting for small-business. With my diverse background and clear focus, my skills and knowledge can be directed to help you in your business.

I have been married for over 25 years and have 2 adult sons.  I have strong family values and a strong work ethic.  I value the importance of community connections and enjoy my committee involvement with the Country Women’s Association of NSW, the NSW Farmers Association and Bubbobullion 100 Landcare Group Inc, as well as a variety of other organisations over the years. My commitment, dedication and community spirit aligns with supporting others in life and business.

I grew up on a small farm on the Mid North Coast and have owned properties in the New England and Central West regions before settling on a farm west of Tamworth.  Involved with farming all my life, and now with my children all grown up living their own independent lives, I have decided to fully focus on helping others.  Specifically, focus on my underlying passion to inspire small-business with supportive programs, writing and administration using my unique skills and abilities.

My real passion is personal growth and development, and an inner enthusiasm to uplift others everyday.  I have a personal online blog “Country Heart Spark” where I use emotion in my writing to connect with others, promote the future of the agricultural industry, show community support and share my personal stories.  I love to inspire others and motivate them to find their own inner strength.

I look forward to meeting you, understanding your individual needs and using my application skills to accomplish success with you. Contact me today to discusss your needs and discover your next step.

Kind Regards,

Karen Weller

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