First Hypnotherapy Client

“My name is Marie Memery.  I’ve recently had a Hypnosis session about Weight Loss with Karen Weller.  I was a little bit nervous about it all.  From the moment I met Karen all my fears subsided.  Karen is such a warm and welcoming lady.  She explained all about Hypnosis and what was going to happen during our session.  Karen was so enthusiastic, relaxed and easy to work with that it made me so relaxed and at ease.  Since doing Hypnosis with Karen I really am more motivated and I’ve started back at the gym and eating healthier.  I’m also sleeping more soundly.  My goals are now firmly set and outlined.  I’m on my way to working towards achieving them.  Honestly, Karen I can’t thank you enough.” 

Marie Memery, Runaway Bay QLD


Hypnotherapy Certification Seal PNG


Toastmasters Reclaims Motivation ~ Blog

“What a fantastic story on your blog.  I am thrilled that you enjoyed the meeting so much and look forward to seeing you at our future meetings as you always bring an extra zing to our meetings.  You have an amazing way with words.” 

Rob Philp, President of Tamworth Toastmasters, Tamworth NSW



Annual Essay Competition ~ Country Women’s Association of NSW

“Awarded 3rd Place in Garry Prize Essay ~ Karen Weller,

Tamworth Evening Branch, Wanthella Group.”


“In modern times, do we have the capacity to harness the power of empathy for one another?”

Mrs Noelene Grainger, Honorary Editor, The Country Woman Journal, CWA of NSW



Business Product Review – Flavourista 

“Hi Karen, we just posted on our page that you’re our April review winner. Please let us know which free product you’d like and we can ship it to you. We really appreciate your support. Thanks Karen.” 😍

Kylie Burnett @ Flavourista, Clayfield QLD



Compiling & Submitting Application for Community Grant 

“This gorgeous lady has helped me apply for a grant last month and really took the stress out of it and made it flow and speak to be heard!”

Katie Godden, Kootingal NSW



Writing Review

“She is a beautiful writer and honest hard worker.  She will help anyone, you only have to ask and if she can, it will be done.  Beautiful intelligent lady.

Wendy Costall, Bulahdelah NSW



Administration & Compiling Community Grant Application

“When we sat down to do the grant, I thought you had valuable writing skills.  However, I was absolutely thrilled and relieved to know you also had amazing application skills, etc.  Good command of English and grammar, excellent ideas and very easy to work with.  I would love you to put this on your page to tell the true story.  Thank you.”

Pauline Swain, Somerton NSW



March Great Blog Challenge Winner

Karen Weller from the Country Heart Spark Blog, wrote a magnificent story on the world she wants to create. You can read her post here: My Ideal World With Genuine Kindness and Heartfelt Compassion. Congratulations Karen!

Karen’s post was raw, authentic and fitting for her blog. It was a great interpretation of the March Theme “I want to create a world where…” and given how tough many farmers have it, I was deeply inspired by her dedication to supporting her community.”

Caroline McCullough, award-winning copywriter, blogger and content marketing strategist, the Founder of Writally and a best-selling author.




“Country Heart Spark”

Maureen C. “Wow! Simply wow! This incredible, powerful, insightful post simply blew me away. So beautifully written… You know, I think that this post is my absolute favourite so far, of what I have read of your insightful posts. I love how you can convey so beautifully with words what is important.” 10/04/2019

BLOG: Perfection is an Agonising Myth With Inferiority


Wendy Costall “So beautifully written.” 02/04/2019

BLOG: How to Reclaim Your Power & Proudly Own Your Individuality?


Neryl Gordon “Karen those word are so touching and with advice, I wish I had someone to speak like that to me when I was young.  Just lovely so true, beautiful story of life.” 02/04/2019

BLOG: How to Reclaim Your Power & Proudly Own Your Individuality?


Helen Hewens “Congratulations, lovely! You have always had a way with words, but now you are taking it to the next level. So proud of you.” 01/04/2019

BLOG: March Great Blog Challenge Winner – Writally

(My Ideal World With Genuine Kindness & Heartfelt Compassion)


Lee “Enjoy reading your reflections. I am not on the land anymore but relate strongly to your thoughts, actions and perspectives. As a CWA member, I am often surprised by the limited knowledge that people have of the work of CWA. I really liked your story about what CWA has meant to you and wonder if you would be alright about me sharing that with my branch. Reading it or perhaps even giving a copy? I will respect your answer either way, and of course, would acknowledge your writing.” 04/03/2019

BLOG: Rural Reflections #11


Dr. Perry “Great post Karen”. 30/11/2018

BLOG: The Exploitation of Women is Startling & Beyond Harmful


Sonia Fingleton “Congratulations Karen.  A great read and terrific insights for we city folk.  Can’t wait for the next instalment.” 13/11/2018

BLOG: Who Am I?

Vignette Editor: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/vignette

Sarah Heinz “Love your blog everyday.  Keep on going.” 11/11/2018

BLOG: The Cute Factor


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