Business Support

I create and design administration systems for small-business owners, companies and organisations to give them clearer direction, more focus and more time to do the tasks that they love in their business. Whether it be business planning, team building or specific projects that need the extra support, I am here to help you. Short-term or long-term business support is available.

My business support services include:

Business Planning:

  • Business Plan – for management direction, staff cohesion and financial institutions.
  • Business Proposal – to target a specific project.
  • Official Document Preparation and Construction.
  • Organisational Style Guide.
  • Goal Setting – create strategies to achieve your goals.
  • S.W.O.T Analysis.

Business Support:

  • Long-term Business Support.
  • Periodical Business Support.
  • Business Growth.
  • Plan to Overcome Challenges.
  • Team Building.

Grant Applications:

  • Basic grant applications to more complex grant applications.
  • Well-constructed & correctly-worded to meet eligibility.

Management & Organisation:

  • Client Database or template.
  • Organise filing cabinet & digital files.
  • Ideal Week template.
  • Yearly Planner.
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