My Blog ‘Country Heart Spark’ Delivers Inspiration

Country Heart Spark is my personal blog, that I started in November 2018, as a means of dealing with the stress of the drought crisis on the land and promoting the future of the Australian agricultural industry. It was important to me that our nation’s food security was sustained and our fresh Australian produce continued to feed and clothe our nation into the future.

I was also passionate about thanking the people in the communities far and wide for their drought support, kind thoughts and gestures towards farmers. Feeling somewhat limited to voice my own gratefulness, my blog became a platform to acknowledge and express the heartfelt gratitude that so many farmers were feeling yet unable to express.

It was at this time that I felt the “city versus country” stigma be overpowered by the kindness uplifting farmers and our communities embraced our differences. This drought crisis had brought strangers together, with an understanding that we were all in this together. It was with enthusiasm and as part of a process in personal growth that my writing brought inspiration into my own life and that of many others.

By sharing my journey publicly, I have been able to form connections and support within many communities. My blog Country Heart Spark brings inspiration to my readers to find their own inner strength, despite the stress of our daily lives and the pressure we put upon ourselves. It encourages us all to find the right balance in our lives with work and family life.

I strive to be a personal encouragement to others by sharing my personal challenges and stories from my own life. By revealing my honest stories in my blog, I have inspired others to be the best person they can be and be grateful for what we have in our lives.

If you would like to read my personal blog, click on this link Country Heart Spark website.

Take care,

Karen Weller


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