Speaking of Hypnotherapy to CONNECT with Life-Changing Results

Enjoyed speaking to a strong group of professional women of Tamworth Connect last week about my business and the inspirational services that I provide. The important elements of demystifying hypnotherapy and relaying the relaxation concepts and benefits. This was the focus and fascination of prior conversations.

A highlight was demonstrating the “Finger Vice” hypnotherapy suggestability test to convince my audience of the power of the mind. Loved the interaction and the way the audience participated with me.

I spoke about my passion for my business, how it all started and my love for inspiring others. Hypnotherapy is a highly misunderstood topic, so I was able to explain hypnosis and the capacity within our 2 minds.

My focus is on giving my clients life-changing outcomes through mutual cooperation and powerful suggestions to improve their life. When we can trust our unconscious mind, we see our desired life-changing results unravel before our eyes.

We also enjoyed a beautiful 3-course dinner prepared by the talented apprentice chefs of Futures Restaurant at Tamworth TAFE.

Thank you to Connect Tamworth Women’s Network for the opportunity to share my passion for helping others. I love being a part of a friendly, supportive and professionally proactive group.

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