Think Pink! Breast Cancer Fundraiser

It was my pleasure to attend the Pink Ribbon Breakfast to help raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This lovely social morning was hosted by Sophie O’Neill, Jacqui Wood and the good-hearted team at Tamworth Remedial Massage Centre.

Thank you to Sophie for her kind invitation and welcoming me to the event this morning. Thank you also to her wonderful team of professionals, showing how much they care about supporting others through this initiative. My passion is to align myself with these sort of genuine good-hearted caring people.

If you have a history of cancer or know somebody that would benefit, the massage therapists at Tamworth Remedial Massage Centre are also qualified in oncology massage. An understanding and safe massage to address the physical and emotional needs of their client throughout their cancer journey.

Perfectly-shaped pink cupcakes with shiny sprinkles, along with home-baked scones, portuguese custard tarts, fruit and yoghurt lined the tables with a splash of colour and tastebud satisfaction was granted. Guests enjoyed a yummy treat with a warm cuppa. Personally, I loved the freshly brewed Australian herbal tea by Tea Tonic. They also sell this beautiful healthy tea range on their premises.

Every single day, 53 Australians are diagnosed with breast cancer and 8 women will die as a result. With no Government support, the National Breast Cancer Foundation must rely on the generous support from the community.

If you were unable to attend this morning, but would like to donate a few dollars to help support the valuable service of the Foundation, please see this link to add to the goal for Tamworth Remedial Massage Centre.

This worthwhile fundraiser was close to my heart, with a very close friend undergoing the breast cancer journey. To see her undeniable strength in the challenge that life had presented her and witness her positively nonchalant attitude in the treatment process… it simply amazes me. Despite surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, step-by-step she has taken it gracefully in her stride, inspiring her daughters, family and friends.

The support network is so beneficial to the Tamworth region… from breast cancer support nurses, caring medical personnel, and accommodation provided as a home-away-from-home. Today, I met a beautiful lady that works as a breast cancer nurse for the McGrath Foundation. Upon our brief conversation, her personality shown through and I really understood how valuable these nurses are to the women in this region.

I also met a variety of kind, interesting and wonderful women in support of the Pink Ribbon Breakfast and what it means to each of them individually. Each of us are very unique in personality or background, yet come together to help and support when others are in need.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful morning… catching up with old friends and meeting new friends.

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