Revealing the Real You

How easy and comfortable is it to play the victim in our life? Why is life so incredibly tough at times? Do you feel like you are stuck or have so much more within you to offer?

This is a negative process in our thought patterns. And so easy to come to the forefront of our minds. With self-motivation, support and strategies, we can all move forward to where we want to be in business and/or our life.

This is when the magic happens. We decide to expand our comfort zone, take on new activities or learning, and accept the support around us. It is when we feel like we are simply stuck in our lives and not making a positive impact, that we need to accept the challenge. The challenge to stretch our abilities, think with a more positive outlook and build the life we really want.

After 4 days of training to further my own coaching skills, I am feeling so confident and proud with a sense of achievement. What I have learned has impacted me and are specific tools that I can adopt to give back more and help my clients. As a coach, I want to support businesses, individuals and organisations the best way that I can and help them be resourceful in their lives. This is my real purpose in life… to help and support people.

Today, I have reflected upon my own journey and how I ended up here. I had to overcome my own challenges in life. It is these challenges that shape us and serve as life lessons on our journey.

My story is that the burden of drought amazingly revealed my real purpose in life. As a primary producer for 25 years and impacted by horrid drought for over 2 years, my spirit had been crushed. I knew I was to serve a greater purpose in life, more than just office administration in our small-business. I was playing the victim and feeling so overwhelmed with what life was throwing at me. But I did not know how to move forward with a positive outlook when I was feeling so overwhelmed.

This is when we need to open our eyes and open our ears. Look, listen and seek guidance. Certain people come into our lives for a reason. Take notice, who is there before you, with the skills and support that you need. It is up to you to courageously take that step to reach your full potential and refocus on what you want. I am here to facilitate how you will get there.

For me, I had experienced a tragic family loss, then my husband had a serious farm accident and then the horrid drought. I was feeling pretty crappy and unmotivated, feeling sorry for myself. Then I made the decision, that I deserved more than this and I would make it happen. I opened my eyes to see lifelines around me, the support that I needed to move forward to a more positive place.

It was this journey that allowed me to release negative emotions and give me back hope for a better life. My life changed, I changed, growing into the inspirational person that I am today. Strangely enough, my husband and I are still primary producers, but my mindset has changed and we made decisions through goal-setting and put strategies in place.

I was also able to redirect my energy, my focus and my motivation into my coaching business, using my unique skills to help others in their businesses. It is now my duty to help others change their lives for the better and move forward in a way that they want. I love systems and processes, and being able to help you work out how to overcome the challenges in your life and/or business to strategically move you forward to success.

So there is always a way… sometimes you just need a little help in working out your direction, your strategy or need a supportive solution. Reach out and ask for the directions. I am here to help you, just give me a call.

Take care, Karen.

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