Guest Speaker at Former Primary School

When you can inspire people to make their own choices to improve their lives… is simply incredible. A recent invitation to my former primary school on the Mid North Coast, gave me an opportunity to connect with students, parents and grandparents on Grandparents Day at Coolongolook Public School.

It was an enjoyable day and I loved to be able to share my story and encourage the students to be their own special person and be kind to others. My message was delivered for students to understand yet adults to be able to resonate with. The feedback I received has been absolutely amazing, from students and adults alike.

Yesterday, I received a beautiful heartfelt message from an educated woman who listened intently on that day. Just a few small suggestions I gave… lead to her making a big difference in her life. She was grateful and shared her personal journey with me. Her feedback absolutely made my day.

I am so grateful to have been able to inspire her so greatly. I feel reassured that every time I speak, someone will be listening that really needs to her those words. I believe our real purpose in life is to help others by using our special gifts and talents.

Speaking to inspire on this day served this purpose and I am forever grateful to hear her kind words and her wonderful journey that she created.

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