It’s In The Bag With Kind-Hearted People

Kindness and generosity towards others is a large motivator for me. Share The Dignity is a charity that is running a campaign to help women this Christmas. Their charity makes life better for women and girls experiencing homelessness, domestic violence or period poverty.

The campaign It’s In The Bag is a wonderful initiative to give something nice to women and girls in need for Christmas. It is very simple for anyone to donate something very personable.

All you have to do is, pull out one of your used handbags in good condition that you no longer use. Fill it with new personal hygiene items and everyday luxuries. Include something extra special. Add a Christmas card or a thoughtful note. Donate to the cause and make a woman feel special this Christmas. It will be the most meaningful and most appreciated gift that you will give this year.

I love to share kindness, encourage inner strength and a strong personal belief in oneself. The It’s In The Bag Christmas collection appealed to me and I wanted to give. So I rounded up some handbags and items that I could include. My mum, with her kind generous heart, also helped me out.

My favourite part, as a Writer and with motivation to inspire others, was to include a thoughtful message. I wanted to make this woman or girl feel special, beautiful and of value. We all deserve to feel like we matter. As women, we must stick together and boost each other up.

This small act of kindness that we can give, may last a lifetime for another woman. It may just be what she needs to get her through and to make the next decision in her life. It may be her lifeline.

Please consider helping this wonderful charity Share The Dignity make a big difference in the many lives of women in need this Christmas. Imagine if you were the one in need and life was feeling way to heavy upon your shoulders. How would you feel to receive something nice?

You can drop off your handbag Christmas donations between 22 November and 7 December 2019 at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Donations will be collected from Bunnings stores nationally.

See It’s In The Bag for more information.

1 thought on “It’s In The Bag With Kind-Hearted People

  1. Love the idea I’m sure there will be a lot of women who will appreciate the bag .

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